FastCopy 4.1

FastCopy 4.1

Free Facilitates data transfer and synchronization as well as secure deletion
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FastCopy is intended to facilitate data transfer, backup and synchronization. As its name suggests, it is specifically meant to speed up such operations. Moreover, it supports deleting data securely. In my opinion, the weakest point of this program is its graphic user interface, which is unfortunately crowded with options. Thus, it is quite likely that most users will find themselves wondering what to do next. In this respect, a more wizard-like interface may solve the usability problem.

As with other similar tools, it is essential that you provide a source and a target folder. Moreover, there are other possibilities to manage how your files are copied. This way, you can perform incremental or differential syncs if you need. In this regard, copying only those files which have changed saves a lot of time. Likewise, it is excellent that you can monitor various parameters related to the copy task in progress, including transfer rate, file rate and remaining time. Similarly, it lets you preview changes before they are actually made.

The great advantage of using Fastcopy is apparently speed mostly because it uses multiple threads. Thus, it can save some time, particularly when transferring large amounts of data. However, for small transfers, it hardly makes a difference. Fortunately, it does not require too much of your system resources as it does not use the file system cache. Likewise, it helps you avoid problems related to paths longer than 260 characters. Since the tool does not have a built-in scheduler, it requires using Windows TaskScheduler to program synchronizing jobs. more

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  • One of the fastest file copiers available
  • Supports long paths
  • Can be run from the command line
  • Allows various types of syncs and transfers
  • Does not use too much of your system resources
  • Allows previewing changes


  • Interface crowded with options affects usability
  • No built-in scheduler


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